July 15, 2015

Garden, late afternoon

Before dusk.

"Summer afternoon" is just fine, thanks, but when it comes to the most beautiful words in the English language, "garden" and "early evening" and "dusk" are at the top of my list, right up there with "cabin," "western tanager" "orange grove" and "beagle puppy."

Think how many plant-related names would be on a Most Beautiful Words list. Chaparral. Sweet brier. Sage. Tall grass prairie. Cloud forest.

Speaking of dusk, or near-dusk, one of my favorite times in the garden is when the dreamy golden hour is morphing into the heure bleue and colors are beautiful, and the light is glorious. (A million iPhone shots used up, trying to catch it. In the photo above I'd just turned on the patio light.  West is to the left, and at this time of year the sun sets in an excellent spot.) Everything about the garden seems magical, and the amazing light fills my heart right up.

See the orange square in the background? As if you could miss it. It's a big metal street sign that I picked up for a few bucks at a local salvage yard. It says:


which seemed like a nice thing for the garden, as opposed to, say:


which was also available, in a much smaller size. I have no idea what I am going to do with the giant orange Prepare to Stop. It's leaning against the potting bench at the moment. Prepare to Pot? We'll see.   


  1. So beautiful! I love dusk as well, although I rarely take photos. I don't know why. Maybe I'm too entranced by the fading light.

    Where on earth did you find that road sign? It's something I'd buy and then not know what to do with, LOL.

  2. Loree -- thanks! Talk about an impulse buy :~)
    Gerhard -- found it at a fun little salvage yard off the freeway, and I'm not at all sure what to do with His Orangeness. It blew over in the wind and mangled an agave leaf this afternoon [sigh].


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