February 12, 2015

Aloe Walk Weekend: Sunday

Cannot. remember. its name [weeps]. Camperi...? 

Aloe Walk Saturday was terrific, and the next day was even better, if such a thing can be imagined. I'd talked to a fellow member of the Gates Cactus & Succulent Society earlier in the week and arranged to meet him on Sunday to pick up an Aloe marlothii. His garden was a marvel. I was too busy gaping at the aloes in the front and the drop-dead gorgeous Agave bovicornuta and the titanotas and ocotillos and greenhouses in the back to take many photos, but I had a great time.

And I made a trade — always a delight, especially when it happens out of the blue. We were looking at the ocotillos and I said that I had a hybrid (this one) in a pot at home and he said, "You do?!" Turned out he'd been looking for that hybrid, and I was happy to trade it away. Between the trade and the purchases, I wound up with a little Aloe ramosissima, my marlothii, a variegated Agave shawii, a little titanota 'Black and Blue,' an Aloe karasbergensis, and a lovely (no, seriously) Calibanus hookeri. Some cuttings as well. Note to self: your yard is not getting any bigger. I imagine there are people with dining room tables bigger than my backyard. (In related news, I look forward to the day when "How am I going to arrange all these plants?" is the biggest problem anyone on earth has to deal with :~/ )

This coming Saturday is the second Aloe Walk, with special Granite Hill Nursery goodness, so I'll be back. (Giving the San Diego Show and Sale a miss, this time around.) Then home for a flinty-eyed look at the backyard.

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