January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve

Looking west, on the way to Oak Glen Road. (That's my sister's Subaru.) Dear people driving to Oak Glen: it is winter. And the invisible stuff that makes your SUVs slide and slide and slide even though you are standing on the brake is called ice, and it's all over the road even though you can't see it, and that is why the sign you passed a while back says, "Chains Required Beyond This Point." Oy.

It started snowing Tuesday night, and I thought we'd only get a dusting, but we wound up with half a foot. A veritable snowstorm! It was beautiful, and so cold, you can scarcely imagine. I'm afraid I may have lost a few succulents. There are still little patches of snow in my back yard. (We are a strong people — we will rebuild.) I went out Wednesday morning and cleaned as much snow off the bird feeders as I could, and the little guys (and big guys, the scrub jays) bellied up to the feeders in droves. I count 'em all for science. New yard bird (on the ground): a Lincoln's Sparrow.

Lincoln's Sparrow by Kelly Colgan Azar on Flickr.

Chaparral and palm trees.

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