March 25, 2011

Flickr Friday: Le Conte's Thrasher

Le Conte's Thrasher in song, Elkhorn Plain, Carrizo Plains National Monument, San Luis Obispo County, CA. March 10, 2011. Photo by Brad Schram on Flickr.

Today's featured photographer is Brad Schram, who in addition to being a terrific photographer and world-class birder is also the author of A Birder's Guide to Southern California. A most excellent book and a must-read, not just for those planning SoCal birding trips, but for locals as well. This book is a gold mine of information for Southern California birders, if you ask me.

Check out Brad's Flickr photos here.

For more information on the Carrizo Plain, see these sites:
Carrizo Plain National Monument [Bureau of Land Management]
Carrizo Plain [Wikipedia]


  1. Luisa...thank you for your generous comments. The Gearhart paintings on your blog, along with the Big Bear scenes and backdrop, are wonderful. I first became interested in birds at a family cabin not far away in Running Springs, resulting in a special attachment to the dry conifer forests of Southern California's mountains--my favorite forests in a big, beautiful world. Brad

  2. Brad, thanks so much! It's wonderful that the first comment on my new blog should be from you. The dry conifer forests of Southern California's mountains [not quite so dry the past couple years, thank heaven] are my favorites too. Thanks again -


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